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Date: 27th February, 2017

At North Western Vascular since introducing MiraDry in 2014 and becoming Australia’s first fully accredited MiraDry practice we recommend MiraDry as the preferred mode of treatment for underarm sweating and/or odour. The advantage of MiraDry is that whilst two treatments are recommended for optimal results the outcome is permanent and patients have been reporting dramatic reductions in underarm sweating of up to 90 - 95%.   

Botulinum toxin injections are commonly recommended by some practices however only temporarily disable sweat glands and in most cases this leads to a reduction in underarm sweating. Treatments usually last 3-4 months therefore requiring ongoing sessions.

MiraDry uses microwave technology which is precisely targeted to the underarm sweat and odour glands.  Sweat/odour glands destroyed during treatment do not regenerate however glands that are only injured will reactive.  For optimal results two treatments are recommended 3 months apart.  

Botulinum toxin injections are less expensive however in the long term will be more costly due to the frequency of treatments.  Costs can be $600 to $800 per session (estimate only)

MiraDry is initially more expensive per treatment however only two treatments are required for optimal results and most of our patients are satisfied with the outcome following one treatment.    Cost is $2000 for the first treatment and $1500 for the second treatment. 

Botulinum toxin injections are quick, taking only 5 to 10 minutes.  10 to 20 injections are usually required and associated with some minor discomfort but temporary. No downtime.  

MiraDry takes 1 to 1 ½ depending on the size of the underarm.  Multiple injections of Xylocaine (local anaesthestic) are required to numb the area before treatment begins.  Injections can sting a little.  Treatment is comfortable.    Minimal downtime due to underarm swelling easily treated with ice packs and Ibuprofen.

MiraDry treatment is undertaken at North Western Vascular by our experienced, fully accredited MiraDry Practitioner, Megan Scardamaglia who has performed (to date Feb 2017) treatment on over 320 patients. 

North Western Vascular has established a reputation as the trusted leaders in the treatment of hyperhidrosis.  We offer MiraDry as first line treatment for patients with bothersome underarm sweating and/or odour as this is best mode of treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis and/or odour.  Botulinum toxin injections are a suitable short term treatment that is of greater benefit to the practice than the patient.      

North Western Vascular staff are happy to discuss any queries you may have about treatment and can be contacted on 1800SWEATY (1800 793289)

Anna Pennisi

Practice Manager – North Western Vascular

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