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Miradry Questions and Answers

Date: 2nd May, 2017

1. How long has North Western Vascular been using MiraDry?

We began offering MiraDry treatment in October 2014 and became fully accredited soon after. North Western Vascular prides itself on being the leader in hyperhidrosis treatment offering exceptional service to patients. To date we have treated over 350 patients with outstanding results (1.5.17.).

2. Can you tell me about the results you are achieving?

Patients are reporting a dramatic reduction in axillary sweating and odour. Approximately 80% achieve the desired outcome with one treatment. A second treatment is recommended for optimal results however only required in 20% of patients.

3. What attracted you to MiraDry?

North Western Vascular was treating patients who suffered from axillary hyperhidrosis with sympathectomy which required treatment in hospital, under a general anaesthetic. Although the results were very good following sympathectomy, a small number developed rebound sweating, which at times negated the benefit. On the other hand, MiraDry carries no risk of rebound sweating, can be performed under local anaesthetic in our rooms with virtually no downtime, no incisions and takes only 1 ½ hrs. Importantly success rates are high with MiraDry and the benefit is permanent.

4. What happens during MiraDry treatment? How does electromagnetic energy affect sweat glands?

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia using an axillary template to precisely outline the treatment area. MiraDry involves targeted microwave ablation of the sweat glands, destroying them permanently.

5. What is your protocol for treatment using MiraDry?

The procedure is done by our fully accredited MiraDry Practitioner in our procedure room. Local anaesthetic is used to numb the axilla, and also acts to protect the underlying tissues. The presence of local anaesthetic means that the patient experiences minimal discomfort during the procedure.

6. Can MiraDry be used on other areas of the body?

It can only be used for axillary sweating or odour. There is no approval for its use on other areas of the body.

7. What’s the average sweat gland reduction after treatment? Are results immediate?

Histological studies show the majority of sweat glands are destroyed by the thermal injury imparted by the microwaves. From the patient’s perspective, there is a 50 – 90% reduction in sweating and the results are usually immediate.

8. How many treatments are required for optimum results?

Generally patients will require one treatment on Level 5 however if hyperhidrosis is severe, then for optimal results a second treatment is recommended.

9. Will the destroyed sweat glands grow back after treatment?

No, the sweat glands that have been destroyed during treatment will not regenerate.

10. Who is your typical patient?

There is no typical patient as axillary hyperhidrosis can affect people of all professions and backgrounds.

Generally patients we see have suffered from severe underarm sweating and/or odour for many years and have tried other forms of treatment such as Botox or heavy duty aluminium based deodorants which can cause irritation and only offer temporary relief. However MiraDry is an exceptional treatment which suitable is for anyone who is bothered by underarm sweating and does not want to deal with the embarrassment of sweat patches under the arms.

11. Can it be used on all skin types?

MiraDry is suitable for all skin types and there is minimal discomfort with this procedure.

12. What has been the feedback from your patients following MiraDry?

The feedback from our patients has been extremely good with approximately 80% of patients having a dramatic reduction in underarm sweating of between 50 to 90%. Patients have reported renewed confidence and a sense of freedom following treatment as they no longer need to worry about wet patches or odour.

13. Who can administer treatments with MiraDry?

MiraDry can be administered by health professionals such as doctors or registered nurses. At North Western Vascular both Mr Roger Bell and our Practice Nurse have been fully accredited by Miramar having undergone the required training. Miramar have strict guidelines for administering MiraDry so the treatment has an extremely high safety record.

14. Do you think MiraDry has revolutionised hyperhidrosis treatments?

MiraDry has definitely revolutionised hyperhidrosis treatment as patients undergo the procedure in 1 ½ hours with minimal downtime and unlike Botox which temporarily disables sweat glands requiring ongoing regular treatments, MiraDry offers a permanent solution as the sweat glands that are destroyed do not regenerate.

15. How can I make an inquiry, book an appointment for consultation or MiraDry treatment?

All enquiries and appointments can be made by calling 1800 SWEATY (1800 793289). Our staff are knowledgeable and happy to help by providing information regarding treatment. Patients can book an obligation free consultation with Mr Roger Bell, hyperhidrosis specialist at any of our 4 locations across Melbourne. Patients can also book directly for MiraDry after having received the required information.


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