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Life-Changing Benefits Of Treating Your Sweaty Hands or Underarms

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, can be debilitating stopping you from socialising, can hinder ability to work and can create a sense of anxiety with day-to-day interactions. The benefits of treating hyperhidrosis can be life changing giving people the freedom to be themselves without concern about being perceived as sweaty by others.

Shaking Hands, Playing Sport, Driving, Writing, Typing or Working with your hands as your professional tools!

Have you been to a business meeting or just met someone for the first time, but have dreaded shaking their hand due to your sweaty hands?

Playing sport can be tricky if the sporting equipment becomes slippery to the touch.

Do you drive with a hand towel to keep the steering wheel from becoming slippery?

Are you sitting in front of a computer, at a desk writing or typing and have to continually wipe your hands or dry the keyboard?

Does your work involve having to touch others or tools of the trade that can become slippery?

Gloves are not the solution!

Friends might tell you that “it’s OK”, but it’s still a major cause of embarrassment for you in the workplace or socially.

After undergoing ETS, hands stop sweating restoring confidence to touch objects, other people and the ability to shake hands freely without having to watch people wipe their hand after shaking yours.

Playing sport will not be hindered by slippery equipment.

North Western Vascular has the solution for permanently stopping sweaty hands. Mr Roger Bell, Vascular Surgeon has seen numerous people over the years and can well appreciate the impact that sweaty hands can have on people, Mr Bell has performed over 1000 ETS procedures.

Sweaty Underarms

Remember the last time you went shopping and thought about that white dress or shirt, but then chose to wear a dark colour because you were worried about sweat patches or discolouring. What about hitting the dance floor and raising your arms without worrying about the odour or revealing sweat patches or going out with friends and worrying about them noticing you have underarm sweat patches when they haven’t because no one is working up sweat.

Undergoing MiraDry can change all that – Imagine going buying clothes in whatever colour you liked and being able to just be yourself without worrying about the sweat patches and/or odour. No need to hold back from doing what you enjoy because of sweaty underarms or odour – MiraDry the ultimate solution.

Feedback from our patients

  • “I feel as though I’m living in a new body, this has truly changed my life.” – Ricky
  • “It is the best kind of freedom to be able to live my life without being constrained by this debilitating condition.” – Kathryn
  • “I’m much more confident and happier. My only regret is not doing it sooner.” – Tom
  • “Now 3 months on, Hallelujah the results have been nothing short of miraculous my hands are no longer slippery and sweaty I can drive without hands slipping on the steering wheel…” – Damian

You don’t have to suffer any longer than necessary. If you are looking for a lasting medical solution, you can consider endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) for sweaty hands or MiraDry which dramatically reduces underarm sweating and/or odour.

If you want to find out more about the best mode of treatment for your hyperhidrosis contact North Western Vascular today. Trust only the best when it comes to excessive sweating treatments, Mr Roger Bell is Australia’s leading specialist on hyperhidrosis.

Find Out How Australians Just Like You Banished Excessive Sweating For Good!

Not all medical problems impact our health – but that doesn’t mean they don’t impact our wellbeing and quality of life. Having excessively sweaty hands, feet and underarms is one of these conditions.
Provided it isn’t being caused by an underlying medical condition, excessive sweating is an embarrassing ailment that can make you feel self-conscious and it affects everything from your ability to greet someone with a handshake to being able to wear light coloured clothing.

At North Western Vascular Surgery in Melbourne we’ve treated hundreds of patients for hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. If it’s taught us anything, it’s that it’s more common than you think and can afflict everyone from 17-year-old active athletes to 43-year-old workplace professionals.

We also understand that people have many different reasons for wanting to solve this problem– ranging from being able to get a hand tattoo to wearing false nails to being able to participate in gymnastic sports. Understanding the diversity of our patients and their needs has allowed us to create a truly unique approach to surgery that is sensitive to the unique needs of each individual.

The idea of surgery is always scary and most patients require a detailed breakdown of the process and what to expect afterwards, as well as how soon they can expect to recover and see results. We are happy to provide this for all our patients and talk them through it during initial appointments.

Unlike what most patients think, the procedure is relatively quick (requiring less than a day of hospital recovery) and relatively painless (which can be controlled with available pain relief). The surgery is successful and permanent, except in very rare occasions.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. If you want to know about the experience of treating hyperhidrosis with North Western Vascular Surgery directly from the patients themselves, visit our testimonial page to see for yourself.

Miradry Questions and Answers

1. How long has North Western Vascular been using MiraDry?

We began offering MiraDry treatment in October 2014 and became fully accredited soon after. North Western Vascular prides itself on being the leader in hyperhidrosis treatment offering exceptional service to patients.
To date we have treated over 350 patients with outstanding results (1.5.17.).

2. Can you tell me about the results you are achieving?

Patients are reporting a dramatic reduction in axillary sweating and odour. Approximately 80% achieve the desired outcome with one treatment. A second treatment is recommended for optimal results however only required
in 20% of patients.

3. What attracted you to MiraDry?

North Western Vascular was treating patients who suffered from axillary hyperhidrosis with sympathectomy which required treatment in hospital, under a general anaesthetic. Although the results were very good following sympathectomy, a small number developed rebound sweating, which at times negated the benefit. On the other hand, MiraDry carries no risk of rebound sweating, can be performed under local anaesthetic in our rooms with virtually no downtime, no incisions and takes only 1 ½ hrs. Importantly success rates are high with MiraDry and the benefit is permanent.

4. What happens during MiraDry treatment? How does electromagnetic energy affect sweat glands?

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia using an axillary template to precisely outline the treatment area. MiraDry involves targeted microwave ablation of the sweat glands, destroying them permanently.

5. What is your protocol for treatment using MiraDry?

The procedure is done by our fully accredited MiraDry Practitioner in our procedure room. Local anaesthetic is used to numb the axilla, and also acts to protect the underlying tissues. The presence of local anaesthetic means that the patient experiences minimal discomfort during the procedure.

6. Can MiraDry be used on other areas of the body?

It can only be used for axillary sweating or odour. There is no approval for its use on other areas of the body.

7. What’s the average sweat gland reduction after treatment? Are results immediate?

Histological studies show the majority of sweat glands are destroyed by the thermal injury imparted by the microwaves. From the patient’s perspective, there is a 50 – 90% reduction in sweating and the results are usually immediate.

8. How many treatments are required for optimum results?

Generally patients will require one treatment on Level 5 however if hyperhidrosis is severe, then for optimal results a second treatment is recommended.

9. Will the destroyed sweat glands grow back after treatment?

No, the sweat glands that have been destroyed during treatment will not regenerate.

10. Who is your typical patient?

There is no typical patient as axillary hyperhidrosis can affect people of all professions and backgrounds.

Generally patients we see have suffered from severe underarm sweating and/or odour for many years and have tried other forms of treatment such as Botox or heavy duty aluminium based deodorants which can cause irritation and only offer temporary relief. However MiraDry is an exceptional treatment which suitable is for anyone who is bothered by underarm sweating and does not want to deal with the embarrassment of sweat patches under
the arms.

11. Can it be used on all skin types?

MiraDry is suitable for all skin types and there is minimal discomfort with this procedure.

12. What has been the feedback from your patients following MiraDry?

The feedback from our patients has been extremely good with approximately 80% of patients having a dramatic reduction in underarm sweating of between 50 to 90%. Patients have reported renewed confidence and a sense of freedom following treatment as they no longer need to worry about wet patches or odour.

13. Who can administer treatments with MiraDry?

MiraDry can be administered by health professionals such as doctors or registered nurses. At North Western Vascular both Mr Roger Bell and our Practice Nurse have been fully accredited by Miramar having undergone the required training. Miramar have strict guidelines for administering MiraDry so the treatment has an extremely high safety record.

14. Do you think MiraDry has revolutionised hyperhidrosis treatments?

MiraDry has definitely revolutionised hyperhidrosis treatment as patients undergo the procedure in 1 ½ hours with minimal downtime and unlike Botox which temporarily disables sweat glands requiring ongoing regular treatments, MiraDry offers a permanent solution as the sweat glands that are destroyed do not regenerate.

15. How can I make an inquiry, book an appointment for consultation or MiraDry treatment?

All enquiries and appointments can be made by calling 1800 SWEATY (1800 793289). Our staff are knowledgeable and happy to help by providing information regarding treatment. Patients can book an obligation free consultation with Mr Roger Bell, hyperhidrosis specialist at any of our 4 locations across Melbourne. Patients can also book directly for MiraDry after having received the required information.


At North Western Vascular since introducing MiraDry in 2014 and becoming Australia’s first fully accredited MiraDry practice we recommend MiraDry as the preferred mode of treatment for underarm sweating and/or odour. The advantage of MiraDry is that whilst two treatments are
recommended for optimal results the outcome is permanent and patients have been reporting dramatic reductions in underarm sweating of up to 90 – 95%.

Botulinum toxin injections are commonly recommended by some practices however only temporarily disable sweat glands and in most cases this leads to a reduction in underarm sweating.
Treatments usually last 3-4 months therefore requiring ongoing sessions.

MiraDry uses microwave technology which is precisely targeted to the underarm sweat and odour glands.  Sweat/odour glands destroyed during treatment do not regenerate however glands that are only
injured will reactive.  For optimal results two treatments are recommended 3 months apart.

Botulinum toxin injections are less expensive however in the long term will be more costly due to the frequency of treatments.  Costs can be $600 to $800 per session (estimate only)

MiraDry is initially more expensive per treatment however only two treatments are required for optimal results and most of our patients are satisfied with the outcome following one treatment.
Cost is $2000 for the first treatment and $1500 for the second treatment.

Botulinum toxin injections are quick, taking only 5 to 10 minutes.  10 to 20 injections are usually required and associated with some minor discomfort but temporary. No downtime.

MiraDry takes 1 to 1 ½ depending on the size of the underarm.  Multiple injections of Xylocaine (local anaesthestic) are required to numb the area before treatment begins.  Injections
can sting a little.  Treatment is comfortable.    Minimal downtime due to underarm swelling easily treated with ice packs and Ibuprofen.

MiraDry treatment is undertaken at North Western Vascular by our experienced, fully accredited MiraDry Practitioner, Megan Scardamaglia who has performed (to date Feb 2017) treatment on over 320 patients.

North Western Vascular has established a reputation as the trusted leaders in the treatment of hyperhidrosis.  We offer MiraDry as first line treatment for patients with bothersome
underarm sweating and/or odour as this is best mode of treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis and/or odour.  Botulinum toxin injections are a suitable short term treatment that is of greater
benefit to the practice than the patient.

North Western Vascular staff are happy to discuss any queries you may have about treatment and can be contacted on 1800SWEATY (1800 793289)

Anna Pennisi

Practice Manager – North Western Vascular

Is Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) a safe treatment for hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating can be a devastating condition, causing much distress to individuals who find themselves in that situation. It is most likely to affect areas where the sweat glands
are in greatest abundance; hands, underarms (axillae), feet, face and scalp.

With so much information readily available on the internet, it is often difficult to decide what is accurate and what is inaccurate.  In short there is much misinformation on many topics, including hyperhidrosis
and modalities of treatment such as sympathectomy.

Hyperhidrosis occurs as the sweat glands are being “driven” by the sympathetic nerves that supply them. It is normal to sweat. Indeed it is sometimes IMPORTANT to sweat. We sweat when we
get hot, either through exercise or when the temperature is high, to cool the body down. In addition it is common for some people to break out in a sweat when under stress, a so-called sympathetic response.

Individuals with hyperhidrosis find themselves sweating even on a cool day, when under no stress. For some unknown reason, the body’s thermostat has been set incorrectly, and they find themselves sweating when
they shouldn’t be sweating.

Individuals bothered by hyperhidrosis need to consider non-invasive, simple, conservative measures first.  This could include choosing clothes that “breath”, spending time in cooler
environments, using anti-perspirants on a regular basis.  If these measures fail other treatment options are available.

Is ETS safe? Like all forms of surgery, there are risks, especially in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon. My first word of advice is seek out a surgeon with an abundance of experience in performing
this operation, as things can go horribly wrong in the hands of  an inexperienced surgeon.

Sympathectomy, in my opinion is the best treatment option for patients with palmar (hand) hyperhidrosis, and probably the only option for patients with troublesome facial blushing.  It
is the one procedure that offers a success rate as close to 100% as possible. There is however, so much misinformation about ETS on the internet, it is no wonder some patients are uncomfortable about proceeding
and choose to live with hyperhidrosis or facial blushing.

Without a doubt, the main complication of this procedure is rebound sweating, often called compensatory hyperhidrosis. The incidence of this complication varies tremendously in the literature, depending
to some extent on how it is defined.  Some studies say the incidence is less than 1%, whereas at the other extreme some say it occurs in all patients. In my own experience, rebound occurs in 30 to 40%, and
fortunately in most it is not troublesome, however, in 2% rebound sweating can be severe. These patients find themselves sweating spontaneously on the torso, and many regret their decision to have had sympathectomy.
It is that group of patients (less than 2%) who are most likely to verbalise their opposition to the procedure.

This complication is far more likely to occur in patients for whom ETS was performed for armpit sweating or facial sweating, as compared to those undergoing the procedure for palmar (hand) sweating or facial blushing.
It is for that reason I no longer offer ETS to patients with axillary sweating but rather MiraDry

Other complications of ETS include Horner’s Syndrome, which results in drooping of the eyelid. This is very rare (less than one in 1000). Chest complications such as pneumothorax (air in the chest)
can occur but is usually of no clinical significance and rarely requires treatment. Gustatory sweating, which is facial sweating after meals, usually spicy meals, does occur in up to 5%, but is generally not troublesome.

I have noticed a few patients experience a very slight reduction in pulse rate, but this is never of any clinical significance and importantly does not impact upon exercise tolerance. Reports of sexual dysfunction,
mood disorders, including dissociative states have nothing to do with ETS, and are more likely linked to the emotional disorder already present in the patient.

ETS is an excellent choice of treatment for patients with troublesome palmar hyperhidrosis and facial blushing.   I advise
individuals to choose to a surgeon with a special interest in this field and extensive experience in performing sympathectomy.

Roger Bell, Vascular Surgeon & Hyperhidrosis Specialist

North Western Vascular

Hyperhidrosis – which treatment and who should I trust?

At North Western Vascular, we understand that deciding to proceed with treatment for hyperhidrosis or facial blushing can be difficult and emotionally challenging as there is lot of information out
there about ETS and MiraDry however not always reliable.   In our experience we have found that some patients have undertaken thorough research and are ready to proceed with treatment whilst others need
time to consider all options.  Mr Roger Bell, hyperhidrosis specialist and consultant Vascular Surgeon is happy to see patients who are bothered or concerned about hyperhidrosis or facial blushing and discuss
the best mode of treatment for their condition.   Over the past 20 years Mr Bell has seen over a 1000 patients and can well appreciate the impact that facial blushing or hyperhidrosis can have.  At North Western Vascular, patients are encouraged to consider which mode of treatment is best for them and only proceed when comfortable with their decision.

North Western Vascular offers MiraDry for the treatment of underarm sweating and/or odour, Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy for the treatment of excessive of the hands or facial blushing
as well as Lumbar Sympathectomy to stop sweaty feet.

ETS and Lumbar Sympathectomy are procedures undertaken after due consideration of the patient’s symptoms and expected outcome.   In the hands of a skilled surgeon such as Mr Bell these
procedures are straight forward and complications rare.   ETS stops hands from sweating and lumbar sympathectomy stops feet sweating so can be a desirable option for people whose lives are adversely affected
by sweaty hands or feet.  Similarly ETS stops facial blushing.

Miradry is an outstanding treatment for underarm sweating and/or odour and has been performed by our fully accredited MiraDry Practitioner, Megan Scardamaglia on over 320 patients.   Of these
patients approximately 80% have required only one treatment and reported a reduction of approximately 40 to 90%.    Patients with severe hyperhidrosis need to undergo two MiraDry treatments to achieve
optimal results.

It has been mentioned by a few of our patients that another Clinic in Melbourne is suggesting Botulinum toxin injections as first line treatment and then MiraDry further down the track.   This may seem like
a reasonable option however at North Western Vascular whilst we have no particular objection to treating underarm sweating with injections this only temporarily disables the sweat glands and requires ongoing treatment
to be repeated every 3 months or so.   Whilst this could be of benefit the practice we don’t believe it is in the best interest of the patient.   At NWV we therefore recommend and endorse
MiraDry as the preferred treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis and/or odour as MiraDry destroys sweat glands which do not regenerate.   This treatment gained
FDA approval (USA) in 2011 and TGA approval (Australia) in 2014.   Please contact us for further information on 1800SWEATY.


Anna Pennisi

Practice Manager – North Western Vascular

The Latest in Hyperhidrosis and Facial Blushing

The International Society of Sympathectomy Surgeons comprises a group of clinicians predominantly surgeons, from all over the world who come together every second year to discuss “what’s new” in the management of hyperhidrosis,
facial blushing and all matters relating to Sympathectomy procedures. This year’s meeting was held in city of Santiago, Chile, a breathtakingly beautiful city at the foot of the Andes. Over 100 enthusiastic registrants
were present to share ideas and discuss recent advances. The important role sympathectomy plays in treating hyperhidrosis and facial blushing was confirmed. Various opinions in relation to the technique ie ablation
or clipping of the ganglia, and the precise level of intervention made for excellent and fruitful discussions, yet again there was no consensus. I found a presentation on laparoscopic lumbar sympathectomy for plantar
hyperhidrosis most interesting, and a technique which is safe, effective and certainly has merit with regard to reducing hospital stay and recovery period. My colleague in Los Angeles has considerable experience
and expertise in this procedure, and I intend incorporating this into my practice. There were two interesting presentations on the surgical treatment of compensatory hyperhidrosis, undoubtedly the most feared complication
of sympathectomy. What a major advance if this adverse event could be eliminated. Papers were presented on alternative treatments for hyperhidrosis. It confirmed the pre-eminent role miraDry has in managing axillary
hyperhidrosis, and showed how we, at North Western Vascular are at the cutting edge of hyperhidrosis management. I enjoyed the interaction with my international colleagues, and learnt much from this conference.

Roger Bell Consultant Vascular Surgeon & Hyperhidrosis Specialist

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Our Client Stories

I was driving home this morning feeling unimaginably happy. Choosing to have surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made. The first time I met you, I was overcome by how completely you understood what I was going through. I think what you do is unbelievably selfless and amazing. You have literally changed my life.

It isn’t even these major things that I am most grateful for. It is the much simpler things – going out to dinner without feelings of stress and anxiety, holding hands, getting my nails done… Read More

Before this operation, I wore gloves to job interviews, I skipped church to avoid the peace-be-with-yous as the thought of shaking someone’s hand made me cringe and my tops and dresses were always black to avoid stains from under my arms. This operation has changed my life forever, it has built my confidence up and has allowed me to take up new hobbies like dancing.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mr Roger Bell and his team for allowing me to live my life sweat free… Read more

I was driving home this morning feeling unimaginably happy. Choosing to have surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made. The first time I met you, I was overcome by how completely you understood what I was going through. I think what you do is unbelievably selfless and amazing. You have literally changed my life.

It isn’t even these major things that I am most grateful for. It is the much simpler things – going out to dinner without feelings of stress and anxiety, holding hands, getting my nails done… Read More

Before this operation, I wore gloves to job interviews, I skipped church to avoid the peace-be-with-yous as the thought of shaking someone’s hand made me cringe and my tops and dresses were always black to avoid stains from under my arms. This operation has changed my life forever, it has built my confidence up and has allowed me to take up new hobbies like dancing.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mr Roger Bell and his team for allowing me to live my life sweat free… Read more


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