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Facial Blushing

Excessive sweating - Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating which affects at least 2% of the population. Statistics show that up to 500,000 individuals in Australia may be suffering from excessive perspiration including sweaty hands, sweaty armpits, sweaty feet, sweaty face or overall excessive sweating.

Facial blushing is also mediated by the sympathetic nerves and therefore often occurs with hyperhidrosis. Our highly experienced vascular surgeon, Roger Bell, has seen first-hand the major impact on day-to-day activities that hyperhidrosis or facial blushing can have and sees patients at any of our four locations to discuss symptoms and the best mode of treatment. Skype consultations are also available for patients who live outside of metropolitan Melbourne or interstate.


Regain your Confidence - Don’t suffer in silence

Most people aren’t aware that there is a permanent solution for sweaty hands. sweaty feet, underarm sweating or facial blushing. These conditions can be socially debilitating and professionally inhibiting.

Permanent treatment options are available, and we offer ETS for sweaty hands or facial blushing and MiraDry for axillary sweating and/or odour to provide immediate and permanent relief. Roger Bell, Vascular Surgeon also performs lumbar sympathectomy for sweaty feet.

North Western Vascular is Melbourne’s first fully accredited MiraDry practice and the leaders in providing MiraDry for underarm sweating and odour. Not only is MiraDry the preferred treatment option for axillary hyperhidrosis and odour but it is also the latest technology that delivers lasting results.


It’s perfectly normal to sweat when you get too hot as sweating helps to cool the body however, if sweating is affecting your daily activities and you are embarrassed or bothered by this see Australia's leading hyperhidrosis specialist, Mr Roger Bell.

Here at North Western Vascular in Melbourne, we understand that sweating or facial blushing can be a daily occurrence for some people. Mr Bell has seen numerous people over the years and can well appreciate the impact that this can have. Whether it's sweaty hands, sweaty feet, sweaty armpits or facial blushing that is affecting the quality of your life, there is a permanent solution with either ETS, lumbar sympathectomy or MiraDry.

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