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Opening hours: Mon to Thurs 9am-5pm
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  • I was driving home this morning feeling unimaginably happy. I walked in the door and decided I needed to let you know that I attribute this feeling to you. Choosing to have surgery was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. However it also turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. The first time I met with you in your office in Melbourne I was overcome by how completely you understood what I was going through. Nobody, besides my mum, had ever so compassionately and empathetically related to me. I thank my mum constantly for helping me, understanding me and most importantly, bringing me to you. However I still haven’t taken the time to properly thank you. I think what you do is unbelievably selfless and amazing. You have literally changed my life. Since the surgery I have travelled overseas, completed two years of Uni, moved out of home, and had a boyfriend for 8 months now. These are all things I never thought I would be able to have in my life.

    However, it isn’t even these major things that I am most grateful for. It is the much simpler things which are everyday reminders of what you have done for me – going out to dinner without feelings of stress and anxiety, holding hands, getting my nails done, being completely free to see my friends in any situation, and most significantly, not constantly having the burden of this problem playing on my mind.

    When I was overseas last year I got a thin ring tattooed on one of my fingers. It is a reminder to keep everything in perspective. No problems seem quite so hard after overcoming this one… Also, I just love drawing as much attention to my hands as possible – you see they were very deprived of it for quite some time.

    The last thing I remember before having the surgery was my anesthetist asking me what my name means. He told me that Rafaella means ‘with hope God will cure’. And that is truly what I feel you have done for me. The first thing I remember after waking up from the surgery was you holding onto my hands and telling me they were dry. Although I felt like I was completely out of it on drugs and that my lungs weren’ t entirely inflated, nothing really compares to that moment.

    I am eternally grateful for what you have done for me.

    Lots of love,


  • “As a sufferer of excessive sweating of the hands, armpits and feet since I was born, it began to affect me more and more as I got older. I was always careful not to shake hands with people, which lead me to quit gymnastics. It also affected my job and opportunities in my life, one not being able to do my year 11 Deb. I avoided social outings that could possibly result in people knowing of my sweating. People used to says its ok, I don’t care about your hands, it does bother me, but they have no idea how much it makes you feel uncomfortable. If only I had of taken on this life changing experience earlier I could have lived this life earlier. After having the operation I know I have done the right thing. I feel more confident and able to not be socially awkward. I no longer have to wear black or white I can wear anything. I don’t have to wear runners or closed toed shoes anymore, I can wear sandals that will match my clothes. I look forward to not having sweat dripping down my arms and hands at school and attending my year 12 formal next year. I know I can move forward in many ways, as there is no longer that need to hold myself back. Thank you for my new life.”

    This testimonial was given by a patient who was aged 17 at the time of ETS in 2010. Permission was obtained on 19.9.2013 for its use on our website.

  • “Before this operation, I wore gloves to job interviews, I skipped church to avoid the peace-be-with-yous as the thought of shaking someone’s hand made me cringe and my tops and dresses were always black to avoid stains from under my arms. This operation has changed my life forever, it has built my confidence up and has allowed me to take up new hobbies like dancing. I have always wanted to have false nails and now this is my time. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mr Roger Bell and his team for allowing me to live my life sweat free.”

    This testimonial was given by a patient who was aged 19 at the time of ETS in 2009. Permission was obtained on 19.9.2013 for its use on our website.

  • “I’d suffered from serious blushing and excessive sweating (mostly armpits) for over 25 years since the age of 13. Both issues had stopped me many many times from socialising and just enjoying every day interaction with friends and work associates. It was a horrible affliction. For all these years I’ve also had to choose clothing that wouldn’t show the sweating as much as other materials and other garments I would never have dreamt of buying.

    Since the operation, I haven’t had one single instance of either sweating or blushing. I feel so much more confident and look forward to testing all those situations in the past that have made me cringe with fear of blushing and/or sweating. I can also go and buy clothes now without worrying about the colour or type of fabric. I cannot believe the difference this operation has made in such a short time – and I bought the first white shirt I’ve owned in years last Saturday as a celebration! Thank you Dr Bell, I have a new lease on life and have no regrets – only that I didn’t do it sooner!

    Prefer to be anonymous, thanks.”

    This testimonial was given by a patient who was aged 43 at the time of ETS in 2009. Permission was obtained from the patient on 19.9.2013 for its use on our website.

  • My name is Lucas, I am a 12-year-old boy who has Hyperhidrosis, (a medical disorder that makes you have uncontrollable sweating in the hands, underarms and legs.
    Before my operation with Dr Bell, it was hell trying to handwrite neatly because the pencil would always slip out of my hand. This made school ten times harder because nobody could understand my writing or what I was going through. I hated situations where I was expected to shake someone’s hand. I was embarrassed that they would cop a handful of my sweat. Interestingly enough this fear of embarrassment made my sweating even worse, and so I was trapped in this vicious circle.
    I found it very difficult to play sports, especially Tennis which is one of my favourites – my sweating made gripping the racket a challenge.
    Also, not many people are aware of what Hyperhidrosis is all about, so explaining this was not pleasant. Many people thought it was just anxiety or a condition able to be controlled with antiperspirants. Teachers thought I made the whole condition up just to get away with untidy work. Even holding a piece of paper was a mission, trying desperately not to get it wet.
    My surgery with Dr Bell was on the 9th January 2018, at John Fawkner Hospital. This was the last day my hands were sweaty and cold. My hands and under my arms are now dry, warm and comfortable. I feel like a new person now and I am ready to face Year 7 at a new school. I strongly encourage anyone with the same problem to discuss the issue with Dr Bell. Dr Bell and his staff are great human-beings who made my life better!

  • “I have suffered from sweaty hands my whole life. Before the operation, I just had to think about my hands and they would start dripping. It was truly debilitating. I would avoid physical contact at all costs and would even dread when someone asked me to sign my name on a piece of paper.

    This operation has been the best decision of my life. I have a new found confidence, no longer living in fear of someone seeing my sweaty hands. I could not recommend the procedure, Dr Bell or North Western Vascular highly enough, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone suffering from sweaty hands. It’s a permanent, instant and life-changing solution. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    Tiarna S

  • “Such amazing staff, a huge shout out to Meg and the all the reception staff who managed to squeeze me in for both my appointment and procedure pretty much immediately. Great aftercare and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”


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